How does a collaboration with Oh Jöy ! Agency?

You want to develop your business and you have communication and marketing needs?

  • So, let's start with a discovery call to target your needs and make the respective presentations!
  • Following our exchange, we will prepare a tailor-made offer and a retroplanning for all our actions.
  • Then, we will set a small point to discuss together to ensure that it corresponds 100% to your expectations and that you are ready to take action!

Shall we continue? Let's go!

Beginning of the collaboration ➝ We take care of the administrative

  • We add you on your personalized shared space Notion which will be the central tool of our collaboration.
  • We create a separate conversation on Discord to chat daily if needed.

Let's get to work!

  • You answer a detailed questionnaire in order to better understand the essence of your project, your desires and your objectives.
  • We examine the questionnaire and draw the essential elements for our collaboration to deploy the strategy and the operational.
  • We present you with the set of missions that we are going to set up and our retroplanning.

💡 The first month is always a month of adaptation: rhythm, flexibility, needs… etc!

We have to exchange as much as possible on our respective needs and those of the mission.

🍊 Then, it rolls on its own! We work on our missions, we exchange together every two weeks to make sure that everything goes as planned on our side and that everything goes well for you.

We tweak the details and fine-tune the project as we collaborate over the weeks. It always gives you a billion ideas, and it helps your business grow in the long run!

Then, we set a brainstorming meeting, with the whole team, every two months to continue to develop your project and your emerging ideas!

In short, our idea of a successful project is a hand-in-hand collaboration where all personalities, ideas and businesses are cherished and listened to. 💙