Oh, Sunrise !

Do you feel you lack legitimacy and structure?

Who is this service for? Entrepreneurs who want to make a comfortable living from their business and/or established companies who want to redesign their identity and take stock of their business!

How long does it take? From 2 months minimum depending on your needs.

The ideal solution for you, if you want to have all the digital tools you need to develop your business sustainably! 🚀

No more time spent trying to tinker with your brand image and your website! With Structure, you will have all the keys to have an image that fits you and professional digital tools to use serenely!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could send the best image to your customers, and this on all your digital channels to develop your business by having perfectly in mind the actions to be taken to achieve it?

Yes! But how?

In fact, you lack a professional image!

You dream of clarity, visibility and process, all quickly and without taking your head off to develop your business serenely.

But you lack expertise, structure and you haven't found THE solution to meet your needs!

You have the impression that you are constantly changing direction, you are not perfectly in tune with the image you project and all your communication actions are carried out on a day-to-day basis!

You feel that your company has a real potential and you want to dedicate yourself 100% to it, but you feel that its development is being held back!

You are getting tired of being an explorer and you have the feeling that you are wasting time in your research to observe results that are not up to your expectations!

And at the same time...

You are afraid of delegating your little baby, of not being understood, of losing control. You are also afraid of the investment and want to be sure that it has a real interest for you!

So you tried to teach yourself, you asked your friends and family for advice, you watched a million tutorials! In short, you've experienced!

It's great, but you see the end and you are well aware that now you need professional tools and outside support!

let's go!


  • After our collaboration, you will want to share your project in the open thanks to an identity that looks like you 100% and that seduces your target!
  • You will know how to use your website and your social networks without stress and without hours of research.
  • You will have in mind the actions to take and the keys to develop your business in a sustainable way and project yourself into the future with confidence and clarity!

You will see, the transformation will be there!

  • You will now have a professional image and the tools at your disposal to expand (business card …)
  • You will have communication channels optimized for your referencing and pleasant to browse and use for you and your customers!
  • You will have access to a clear marketing plan and a retroplanning adapted to your needs and your objectives!

Discover Oh Sunrise !

Notre prestation personnalisée "Oh Sunrise !" sert à vous poser, vous structurer, identifier et construire votre vision, vos objectifs et votre planning, ainsi qu'à obtenir les outils nécessaires à cette démarche, selon vos besoins.

What is in it?

  • The realization of your professional visual identity based on your universe and your marketing strategy to be declined on all your digital or physical supports.
  • The realization of your website or your e-commerce website and its SEO optimization for a referencing at the height of your company!
  • The deployment of your social network strategy, on all the channels on which you wish to be established and where your target is present. As well as, the management of the latter (optional).
  • The design of your marketing strategy to (re)define the structure of your company, your offers, your message, your target (…) in order to be totally sure that you can reach your objectives!
  • The realization of your marketing plan in order to set your development objectives in the short, medium and long term. The whole accompanied by an annual retroplanning to pilot your marketing strategy and your actions with serenity and visibility.

100% personalized service, according to your needs!

You will be able to have a clear vision of your goals and the actions to take to achieve them, you will have a solid business framework and a professional look to offer the best possible experience to your customers and grow serenely!

What could be more beautiful, and even fun, than giving life to a project dear to your heart?

what our customers say

What you'll find in our "Oh Sunrise!" service.

Visual Identity & Marketing Strategy


In addition to the customized visual identity (detailed in the next page) according to your objectives, it will provide you with a clear roadmap of your positioning and audience targeting, a competitive study and best practices for your niche, and the keys to effectively activate your communication.


  • Study of an in-depth questionnaire to determine the subtleties of your project
  • Exploration of brand DNA + moodboard
    An original and unique logo, and its secondary variations
  • A brand symbol
  • A complementary font system
  • A color palette that will reflect your universe
  • An artistic direction
  • A user’s guide that will detail all the instructions and directions to keep in mind to ensure the consistency of your image
  • A marketing strategy extension that, following a 1:1 session and the study of the dedicated questionnaire, will give you a clear roadmap on your positioning and your target, as well as the keys to effectively activate your communication
  • Delivery of your marketing plan and your retroplanning.

Free: A print or digital visual of your choice for your social networks (profile picture, business card…)

  • 3 concept proposals before the final concept is developed
  • 5 round-trips for refinement



To take action and implement the strategic process of your project, a website is essential. From the essential showcase to a true sales platform to drive revenue, a website is thought out and developed to deliver your message in the clearest way, so you can take advantage of it.


  • Four-handed design of a UX-optimized tree for your site
  • Implementation of your content according to your visual identity
  • A fully customized theme
  • The configuration of all analytics tools, SEO optimization, security…
  • Responsive design (adapted to mobile devices)
  • Two weeks of post-launch technical support

    Optional: Hosting & maintenance package

    Platforms: Wordpress, Shopify, Wix…

Social Networking Strategy


Social networks are today the first window for your company, and to stand out, to be visible has become a real challenge. Instagram remains one of the main vectors of visibility and conversion for brands. To put all the chances on your side, a rigorous strategy must be put in place, keeping in mind all the subtleties of these platforms in constant renewal.


  • Audit of the existing system
  • A customized document containing advice and guidelines to activate your reach through a unique positioning and voice
  • A list of strategic hashtags
  • Design of a set of custom posts & story templates that can be edited endlessly
  • Optimization of your profile according to the algorithm
  • Creation of personalized front page story thumbnails
  • Inspirational Moodboard for a harmonious feed

What about the results?

The results are immediate at the end of our collaboration: you have a professional image and you know how to use your digital tools serenely!

By implementing all our advice, we estimate that it takes 3 to 6 months to see lasting results. Trust the process!

Thanks to this offer, our last client was able to double her monthly turnover and strengthen the trust index of her community! She also dared to launch a new project with confidence!

Some figures to note!

  • Visual identity represents a 20% share in the purchase decision (source: Forbes)
  • 62% of French people buy online and blogs have 63% more influence than magazines. But 70% of online businesses fail because of the poor ergonomics of their site! Its professionalization is therefore not to be neglected! (Source: Orson)
  • 87% of buyers say their purchase decision was influenced by a social network (Source: Yumens)

Our mission?

To help you make your dreams come true!

Ready to invest in your business?

→ Quotation from 1200€ HT

→ Smoothed monthly payment over 3 to 4 months (depending on the service defined)

I book a free discovery call with no obligation!

Des questions ?

Branding allows you to position yourself on a market, to assert your uniqueness, your values and your difference. Of course, a brand cannot please everyone, but that’s the point! To please everyone is to seduce no one. You have to succeed in attracting your “ideal clients”, valuing them and building their loyalty!

Always keep in mind that you generally don’t want to have lunch in a restaurant with a dirty front!

Having a website today is the norm, it is an extension of your business, the indispensable showcase of your company. A potential customer will have more confidence in a company that has a “web presence” than in an unknown brand! Today, Internet users make 80,000 Google requests every second, worldwide. And every day, the French spend an average of 2 hours and 25 minutes on the Internet!

Social media has entered our lifestyles! Do you also often check the Instagram of your restaurant before going to dinner? Social networks are used to propel the visibility of your business, increase traffic to your website or your physical points of sale but also to create links and build loyalty among your customers! It’s an indispensable element!

Do you have another question? Write to us at contact@ohjoy.agency !

✅ Oh, Sunrise ! is for you if :

→ You are an entrepreneur ready to invest in your business

→ You’re tired of DIY and want to invest in a professional rendering!

→ You have decided to take care of your audience to give them the experience they deserve.

→ You are motivated and ambitious!

→ You want a clear, comprehensive and manageable rendering and hand-in-hand collaboration.

⛔️ Oh, Sunrise ! is not for you if :

→ You are not yet at the investment stage (don’t worry, we’ll see you soon!)

→ Customer experience is not at the heart of your priorities (without judgment, dropshipping for example, is a business model whose values we simply do not share)

→ You don’t want hand-in-hand collaboration with experts, but rather doers.

The 4 points to remember from Oh, Sunrise!

You will now have :

→ A professional image, differentiating and in line with your values to reflect the right messages to your audience and feel legitimate.

→ A professional website, easy to manage, reassuring for your prospects/customers, a website that you will really know how to use (maintenance and hosting package).

→ An optimized social network strategy adapted to current algorithms to approach your communication more serenely and observe real results. You will no longer browse with your eyes closed!

→ But above all, a complementary team to listen to you, to support you and help you make your company shine!

In short, if you want to grow and sustain your business, Oh Sunrise! is what you need!

Let's discuss this!