Oh, Sunshine !

Do you need to develop your brand or your business?

Who is this support for? To company managers who wish to increase their turnover, to perpetuate their business and to concentrate on their core business while entrusting their company to a trusted team.

How long does it take? From a minimum of 6 months of support depending on your needs.

The ideal solution for you, if you want to have all the digital tools you need to develop your business sustainably! 🚀

No more spreading yourself thin and wearing all the hats of your business: now you focus on your core business, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could focus on what you enjoy most and run your business, knowing that you have a team working hand-in-hand with you to achieve your long-term goals and vision?

Yes! But how?

In fact, you lack an external eye to frame your development, and a trusted team to which to delegate the operational part!

You dream of clarity, visibility and process, relieving yourself of some of your mental load to develop your business serenely.

But you lack time, expertise, structure and you haven't found THE solution to meet your needs!

You have the impression that you are constantly changing direction, you are no longer perfectly in tune with the image you project and all your communication actions are carried out blindly from day to day!

You know that your company is at its full potential and you want to dedicate yourself 100% to it, but your head is occupied by the thousands of time-consuming tasks of a company manager.

You're getting tired of doing nothing but logistics, you want to take back control of the things you're passionate about, and you want to delegate the day-to-day to people you trust!

And at the same time...

You are afraid of delegating your little baby, of not being understood, of losing control, of things not going your way. You are not afraid of the investment, but you want to be sure that it is in your best interest!

So, you've delegated once, maybe twice, some things worked, some things didn't, but it's time to make it last... To take the next step, you need to surround yourself with a team and get rid of the mental load.

let's go!

That’s good, we’re here!

Today, you need to take the next step. To really develop your business and its products. To grow and sustain it.

You know the potential of your business for your customers, but the day-to-day operations are a hindrance to its longevity!

You want to see real, long-term results without having to do it yourself.

You will see, the transformation will be there!

You will have a clear and precise roadmap over several months

You will reiterate the vision that has made your company successful today

You will have defined numerical and non-numerical objectives adapted to your business, your market and your customers

You will see the progress of each of our actions on a monthly basis thanks to a complete reporting, which will be subject to adjustments until you find the perfect formula! (Spoiler: there is no universal and timeless recipe, the actions evolve at the same time as your company and your target!

Imagine that it is possible to have real results on the long term, in accordance with your goals, your vision and all without mental load!

Discover Oh Sunrise !

Our personalized "Oh Sunshine!" service is designed to help you settle down, structure yourself, identify and redefine your vision, your objectives and your roadmap, as well as adapt the tools necessary for this process, according to your needs.

What does it contain?

  • Audit of your existing business, market and industry
  • Redefinition and restructuring of your vision, your objectives and the creation of an adapted roadmap
  • Managing your digital communication on all your communication channels with the management of your social networks and the animation of your website.
  • The writing of your content such as your SEO optimized blog articles and newsletters, all based on a deployment strategy previously carried out.
  • IF NEEDED – Extending your image beyond your own media by soliciting press and influencers, as well as conducting sponsored advertising on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google or Pinterest.
  • The management of your backward planning based on your marketing strategy in order to accompany you on a daily basis to pilot your actions and reach your objectives.
  • The development of your ideas and future projects in order to take action with peace of mind!
  • Regular updates and reporting to know where each action is and to adapt the strategy.

100% personalized services, according to your needs!

You will be able to have a clear vision of your objectives and the actions to be taken to achieve them, with a team that is available and can offer suggestions and advice to continuously improve your performance!

what our customers say

What about the results?

The results are visible throughout our collaboration: it is the regularity and the constancy in the actions which will allow results on the long term!

If you implement all of our advice, we estimate that it takes 3/6 months to see the lasting results of our strategy!
Trust the process!

In fact, thanks to this offer, our last client was able to double her sales and strengthen the trust index of her community! She also dared to launch new projects by approaching this one calmly!

Our mission?

Allow you to make your dreams come true!

Ready to invest in your business?

→ Quote from 1200€ HT

→ Monthly package

I book a free discovery call with no obligation!

Any questions?

Delegating allows us to shine where we are good, to trust passionate people who love their job, while we unload a mental weight.

To leave space for new ideas, new points of view, new perspectives, and to allow ourselves to take a step forward in our company, that is our mission.

Does “having your head in the sand” sound familiar? It is the perfect metaphor to explain our added value.

When you’re a business owner, your head is always in the middle of the day-to-day activities, so much so that you forget the very essence of the beginning of your business.

We are here to remind you of this and to put it back in the center of your business.

You can’t be good at everything, and the key to being a good business owner is knowing when to delegate to get ahead in your business.

Be good where you LIKE. Our passion is marketing and communication. And outsourcing allows us to ensure a course that is more complicated to maintain internally, and less expensive.

Do you have another question? Write to us at contact@ohjoy.agency !

✅ Oh, Sunshine! is for you if :

→ You are a company manager ready to delegate and to surround yourself with people to help you reach a milestone in your development

→ You are tired of dealing with subjects that do not interest you, and you wish to invest in a professional team you can trust

→ You know that investing and delegating is the best way to reach a milestone

→ You are motivated and ambitious!

→ You want a clear, complete and manageable output and a hand in hand collaboration.

⛔️ Oh, Sunshine! is not for you if :

→ Customer experience is not at the heart of your priorities. (without judgment, dropshipping for example, is a business model whose values we simply do not share)

→ You don’t want a hand-in-hand collaboration with experts force of advice, but rather simple executors.

The 6 points to remember from Oh, Sunshine!

You will now have :

→ An optimized social network strategy adapted to current algorithms to approach your communication more serenely and observe real results.

→ A professional image, differentiating and in line with your values to reflect the right messages to your audience and feel legitimate.

→ Content created specifically for your target audience, and distributed to your current (newsletters) and potential (blog) audiences.

→ Outreach opportunities thanks to the strength of partnerships with relevant influencers and tailored press appearances.

→ A professional, lively website, reassuring for your prospects/customers.

→ But above all, a complementary team to listen to you, to support you, advise you and help you make your company shine!

In short, if you wish to develop and perpetuate your company, Development support is what you need now!

Let's discuss it!